Water Level Sensors monitoring for Flood Precautions (1)
Sweden Leisure(sports) Bank - Everyone can borrow and everything is free! (1)
Write In Public to your politician - A Transparent System (1)
Singapore PUB Board Awareness Banners about Save Water (1)
Eat&Meet - Fostering connections of new possibilities for Refugees (1)
Rickshaw-Hailing Service For Refugee Camps (1)
Sweden - Grow Gothenburg - Platform matches people with unused land with people looking for land (1)
A Pocket Guide on Autism from Rainbow Centre - Public Education Project (1)
A mobile phone app designed to address physical, social and emotional wellbeing for refugees (1)
How to Remove Myths & Barriers interacting with seniors? (1)
S.U.R.E. campaign to promote the importance of information searching and discernment (1)
AGRIshelter - sustainable housing solution for the shortage of refugee shelters (1)
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The mobile library : One old minibus and 1,300 books (2)
Check why Nelson Mandela has made a "personal appeal" for supporting for HIPPO WATER ROLLER (1)
WOTR Org has trained over 380,000 people in natural resources management and watershed development (1)
A social enterprise and online platform that connects refugees with businesses (1)
OpenSpace.org from India - Platform for students and citizens to explore, understand and initiate social change (1)
Ideas from Singapore National Library on running different programmes for Children (1)
Girls Learning Code programs are designed to help girls see technology in a whole new light (2)
Sunlight Labs - Open source source code for Open Governance - IOS & Android source in Github (1)
Connects refugees and locals by co-designing products to regain dignity, to connect with locals and re-starting their lives (1)
The Flying Mountain Project - an initiative using kite-making kite-flying to engage newly-arrived young men (1)
Love-Europe App to HELPING REFUGEES in Europe to find the information they need the most (1)
BetterShelter - Temporary cost effective Shelter for Refugees by IKEA (1)
Copia - Using Technology To Reduce Food Waste (1)
Pop-up cooking school with all classes run by refugees and asylum seekers (1)
Tools to Help People Create, Use and Share Open Information (1)