Connects refugees and locals by co-designing products to regain dignity, to connect with locals and re-starting their lives

  • Makers Unite connects refugees and EU locals by co-designing products, starting with upcycling life vests and boats collected on Greek shores.
  • The Makers Unite platform offers first steps for refugees to regain dignity, to connect with locals, to build new networks and re-starting their lives.
  • It enables migrants and EU citizens creating a circular economy and meaningful relationships collaboratively on a local level.
  • The revenues of Makers Unite design collection will be directed to the makers and the refugeeā€™s cause. Makers Unite allows identifying abilities of newcomers, connecting their skills with local experts and developing individual talents.
  • As our successful Kingsday Ribbon already shows co-design enables creating products & narratives that engage people.
  • As a result of this collaboration participants find new opportunities while making sustainable products and social business that mutually benefit refugees and locals.
  • Reaching from captivating cultural diversity to supporting initiatives of newcomers and locals together. Directly impacting of the lives of newcomers by being acknowledged, valuable to local economies and creating employment opportunities.
  • Starting in Amsterdam and Athens, Makers Unite is a collaborative journey. Learning how to share and develop a new common culture collectively.
  • This open book for co-learning will assist multiple projects in arrival hubs and local communities, including a workshop programme through Europe this summer.
  • Sharing experiences, knowledge and lessons learned from the process leads to locally embedded businesses as well as an international consumer brand that is about fashion (results from the initial phase) and whatever comes out of the collaborative process.