Does a smart cities need a solution like this? And what if governments release something?

40% of Malaysians listed road congestion as their number one frustration

– Frost & Sullivan Survey

One of the biggest problem which all Malaysian experience every day is traffic congestion ( I believe public transportation as well)

This traffic congestion is not just road infrastructure but multiple reasons which we have covered in this article. So one of the ways to solve this problem is by allowing everybody to FLAG/FEEDBACK/REPORT problems they face. Not the traditional mode of complaints but like a Waze > Social Feedbacks for public transport & Transportation infrastructure.

Social Feedbacks app purely focused on location and multiple data points based. Everything you see and experience that needs improvement can be provided as feedback.

A rough mockup on how you will be using these features:

  • Yes I will use an app like this to contribute my feedbacks
  • Maybe
  • I do not want to provide feedbacks using app like this

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When you post this information, you going to see the other people who complained about this as well in social feed. So when the number of people complaining on the same issue is bigger, the problem is bigger. You all can join as a movement to solve this problem (unity is a strength) via this platform (remember a use case like movement)

All the information the app collects will be visualised by different authority. This intelligent tool will provide answers like

  1. Which location is facing lot of problems?
  2. Which travelling route has so much in efficiency or no transport?
  3. Which road is worse now
  4. Is there a driver who has been regularly being bad to their passenger?

something like this

If you want to join in building this product, reach out to us in the comment or private message via this platform.


You could try the mockup in this as well (Just a rough one)

What a great idea. But there is a concern. For drivers It would be good if there is a quick report/ feedback section. Example like take photo then i just record my complain using voice instead of tap. Then i get to add in more detail information,later on when i’m not driving.

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That’s a good suggestion Brother @Anthony_Chin, so we don’t get distracted while driving !