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UK was one of the early adopter in digital transformation in government information sharing, transactional service and other listening systems which allow people to submit their feedbacks, complaints, etc. We have covered in detail why and how this 3 type of systems are important in government digital transformation.


This article covers about Digital ecosystem articles by UK gov

This article covers about Blockchain in government

Blockchain is the trending and almost start to have realistic and proven solutions in different industry (instead of being limited to financial sector). Here is the use cases on government can use this blockchain to transform their government. One of the interesting use case to me is the document verification and smart contracts because every one of us are aware of the corruption and other illegal activities in many countries. By implementing technologies like this, it going to help everyone and increase trust between each others.

This article from Wharton also speaks about the digital transformation in government.

This article from weforum covers the _____

Conferences about Digital Government

Smart city conference
Tallin conference

Even though the title looks different, the smart city and digital government tie each other in different aspects. They both are focused about making our cities and countries smarter but majorly through digitalisation of things.

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