Pop-up cooking school with all classes run by refugees and asylum seekers



  • You have a talent, why don’t you start running classes to teach the others who can get the knowledge as well?
  • That’s what Free to feed (FTF) Melbourne‚Äôs first pop-up cooking school did.
  • FTF gives training, mentoring and support to refugees and asylum seekers with fantastic cooking skills, enabling them to thrive in this unique role and their future careers.
  • The company is a one-stop shop for individuals to get their foot in the door of whatever career they choose, by breaking their isolation and building networks, as well as supporting them to develop their communication and other job-ready skills and experiences.
  • Cooking classes are a lot of fun‚Ķ for participants and instructors!
  • People from the Melbourne community get to learn new skills, and eat delicious food, all whilst making a meaningful contribution to their instructor‚Äôs life.
  • Free to Feed is designed to provide training and meaningful employment to refugees and asylum seekers as well as to giving them an opportunity to break down isolation and connect with the wider community, and vice versa.


  • Free to Feed run multiple cooking classes per week in people‚Äôs homes, cafes after hours and workplaces, and will be starting engagement in schools soon.
  • Anyone can join a cooking class or host one in their home, workplace or school.
  • FTF partners with a number of referring organisations, who assist the project to identify and recruit eligible asylum seekers and refugees for roles within the project.
  • The initiative is self-funded through ticket sales from the cooking classes.