Social Enterprise in action - The Food Justice Truck

" Why don’t we buy a old truck and change that to a shop?

  • The Food Justice Truck is a social enterprise initiative by the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC).
  • Shoppers are people seeking asylum and the general public.
  • Why? 90% of people seeking asylum run out of food and cannot afford to buy more.
  • The conditions for the 10,000 people on Bridging Visas in Melbourne severely undermines the ability for them to gain access to nutritious food they can afford
  • To empower the general public to support people, not profits and directly assist people seeking refuge in Australia.
  • People seeking asylum can access affordable fresh fruit and veggies by purchasing produce from the Food Justice Truck at a 75% discount.
  • Members of the general public can support the project by buying their fruit and veggies from the Truck too.
  • This makes the project financially sustainable and is key to its long term success.