Sweden - Grow Gothenburg - Platform matches people with unused land with people looking for land

  • Behind Grow Gothenburg is The Foodprint Lab, an organization of architects, city planners, engineers and biologists with a collective passion for designing our future food systems.
  • Our paths were crossed around 6 years ago during an international competition in Biomimicry.
  • Many years later we decided to put our collective experiences together of sustainable food systems, urban placemaking and participatory design.
  • We use the termfood system design‚Äù to nail down what we do at The Foodprint Lab.
  • It is not only buildings, cities and road infrastructure that needs to be designed ‚Äì but at the basis of our civilization lies our access to food and these systems (both social, ecological and economical) is something we can consciously design.
  • Designing food systems is something we all need