Tools to Help People Create, Use and Share Open Information


Open Knowledge International is a global non-profit organisation focused on realising open data’s value to society by helping civil society groups access and use data to take action on social problems. Open Knowledge International does this in three ways:
1.) We show the value of open data for the work of civil society organizations
2.) We provide organisations with the tools and skills to effectively use open data
3.) We make government information systems responsive to civil society

Open Knowledge International is a worldwide network of people passionate about openness, using advocacy, technology and training to unlock information and enable people to work with it to create and share knowledge.

Apps for Europe
Apps for Europe supports entrepreneurs and developers turning open data into businesses

D-CENT is a Europe-wide project creating privacy-aware tools and applications for direct democracy and economic empowerment"

DM2E is building the tools and communities to enable humanities researchers to work with manuscripts

Best practice network creating spaces of possibility for the creative reuse of digital cultural content

The FutureTDM project seeks to improve uptake of text and data mining in the EU

The LinkedUp Project supports the exploitation of open and linked data available on the Web through a competition and evaluation framework

LOD2 aims to develop and improve core pieces of technology for working with linked open data, making some key components faster, better and easier to use.

Open Data and Privacy
A joint project between the Open Knowledge and Open Rights Groups that explores the issues surrounding the problematic intersection of personal data, open data and privacy

Open Development Toolkit

Tools and training around international development data

Panton Fellowships

We believe that open data means better science

Open Access Policy Alignment Strategies for European Union Research

Stop Secret Contracts Campaign
Stop Secret Contracts is a campaign to improve the openness and transparancy of information about public contracts around the world