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This discussion is for people who care about society and believe they have a chance to contribute and improve the society. Here you can discuss and curate the impactful stories on communities development, smarty city solution, open governance, etc. Not just ideas, we collaboratively work together on how we can idealize, execute and make it sustainable. People from another part of the world could have already solved the solution which you are trying to solve, so why do you need to waste the resource again?

Getting Started

Here is a discussion question to get you started:

What is the something that you don’t accept/agree that you wanted to bring a change? You may not have the solution but raise the question here, the community can help you to find the solution.

Some sample Questions are like:
My city is facing traffic problems for many years, we have tried few things but cannot solve
My government has been not providing solution to this problem, ho
w people can solve by themselves?

_My community has no money to do solve this, how can we solve?

While you’re here:

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Edit this into a brief description of your community:

  • Who is it for? For people who challenge and believe it is possible
  • What can they find here? A library of answers to the questions they have to solve their community and country problems
    - Why should they come here? We curate and bring like-minded people here. You are not going to waste your time by speaking to someone who doesn’t understand your vision.

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