What are the list of ideas working in your community during this Lockdown?

While most of the people are facing issues across the world, there is always different ideas popup to solve this crisis. This lockdown means CUTTING DOWN most of the supply chain which usually bring us food, different essential products and many other things.

Can you share the list of ideas which you have seen it’s working in your locality for others to take inspiration?

Below is some of ideas we found it’s working

  • Whatsapp group for different needs where people use this simple application to communicate on different needs (Example: some houses have their own plantation, urban farming methods where they share if any other in shortage)

  • Shops and local merchants having a simple message based system where they encourage local community to send the list of items they want to buy and the shops go and deliver them (This is not the standard practice where we have the on-demand companies focus.) The model here is just don’t go out of home and get your local shops where you always purchase to deliver. Self Sustainable initiatives.

  • Some houses starting to grow some small scale farming products (not possible for every body) but its a good idea to start something as proactive measures

  • Government Initiatives which encourage people to buy from Local shops to make everyone sustainable (AU gov is doing that)

SHARE HERE What else working on your locality?