What’s the one thing you like to be improved in Kuala Lumpur public transportation?

I have been trying to use public transportation for commuting to office. In Kuala Lumpur, the public transportation is really hard to reach if any office or home places are not nearby LRT stations. Even with MRT reaching an office in Petaling Jaya from Damansara takes minimum 1hour. Shouldn’t be it easy to reach a place via public transport?

Do you think it’s really a problem?

  • Yes it’s a problem to be solved
  • No it’s not a problem
  • Should be improved
  • All is good

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If you are given a chance to suggest! what would be your idea?

First, as a common man, this helps to save expenditures and use that for other means of purpose. Second, more importantly, I contribute to the ever raising traffic jams by not taking car which takes too much space for one.

Third, in a simpler way, there are multiple reasons like helping environmental measures, minimalistic life, etc.

You could feel there is something we should do to improve public transportation. If it is , what would be that?

Here is some screenshots of the routes available.

The route distance is 13KM

On Cab: it takes 30minutes.

Available public Transport route (Google Map)

Recommendation from Moovit

I kept researching about new ideas that can help us in many ways… this video from ted shares about

  • Cycling routes
  • hybrid vehicles

Though this both doesn’t directly helps the public transportation but helps custom individual routes!

image image

One more very interesting thing I encountered is the YouTube video where a guy showed about a city planning. I initially thought it’s a software to plan cities but it’s a GAME!

Can gamer can help us to solve city planning and transportation?

This is the video from the game which explains about the public transportation planning https://youtu.be/axgHoE89Z3Y

And https://youtu.be/lyb2qgGonZE

Here is the game link to download :


One of my Malaysian citizen Friend feedbacks.

Some interesting apps we should have.

In NYC, people can track the bus in live, but does Malaysia has it ?

We should consider things like

  • removing car access in certain areas
  • bus priority line as shared below
  • increasing bus services and re imagining existing routes

image image